Neue Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3

Wir verkaufen nagelneue, nie verwendete Espresso Maschine auf SUPER Preis!
2-Gruppig, volumetrisch, 380V, LED-Licht, Autopurge, Waßer-Temp-Controll, Tassenwärmer, Puls-Jet-Technologie serie. Farbe: mattschwarz
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Only cards, no cash!

That’s right, friends. From this moment you can pay only with bank cards. We, the café Fenster, are the first in Vienna to stop selling coffee for cash.

Pros: barista always has clean hands (in every sense). And that’s important as fuck. Also the line moves much quicker, the environment is taken care of, the tax office is getting it’s time saved and the boss doesn’t bother… And also one can close or hand shift over in one second. Cons: none.

And also everyone who stops accepting cash from now on is a copycat 🙂