Fenster Café, now in Bratislava!

So people, for those who haven’t yet had a taste of coffee at one of Europe’s top-50 coffeehouses is now able to do that without leaving Bratislava.

That’s right, now there’s a coffee window in Bratislava (that’s Fenster Café in german). We cook what people refer to as “I’ve drank the world’s best coffee here” inside. Classic espresso-capuccino-latte, and our bestsellers: Cornettocinos, Marshmallowcinos, coffee with orange juice, coffee with chili and so on will taste better than Vienna here in Braislava. Because you won’t have to drive anywhere for them — it’s here, at home!

In Bratislava’s Fenster Café, as well as in Vienna, we cook it on the most fashionable and overall the best equipment. You also can buy not just the drinks, but the coffee beans, roasted by ourselves. For non-believers — welcome to our factory, it’s fun!