Fenster Café, now in Bratislava!

So people, for those who haven’t yet had a taste of coffee at one of Europe’s top-50 coffeehouses is now able to do that without leaving Bratislava.

That’s right, now there’s a coffee window in Bratislava (that’s Fenster Café in german). We cook what people refer to as “I’ve drank the world’s best coffee here” inside. Classic espresso-capuccino-latte, and our bestsellers: Cornettocinos, Marshmallowcinos, coffee with orange juice, coffee with chili and so on will taste better than Vienna here in Braislava. Because you won’t have to drive anywhere for them — it’s here, at home!

In Bratislava’s Fenster Café, as well as in Vienna, we cook it on the most fashionable and overall the best equipment. You also can buy not just the drinks, but the coffee beans, roasted by ourselves. For non-believers — welcome to our factory, it’s fun!

Neue Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3

Wir verkaufen nagelneue, nie verwendete Espresso Maschine auf SUPER Preis!
2-Gruppig, volumetrisch, 380V, LED-Licht, Autopurge, Waßer-Temp-Controll, Tassenwärmer, Puls-Jet-Technologie serie. Farbe: mattschwarz
Schreiben Sie bitte E-Mail: enjoy@sasha.coffee oder message here. Danke!

Only cards, no cash!

That’s right, friends. From this moment you can pay only with bank cards. We, the café Fenster, are the first in Vienna to stop selling coffee for cash.

Pros: barista always has clean hands (in every sense). And that’s important as fuck. Also the line moves much quicker, the environment is taken care of, the tax office is getting it’s time saved and the boss doesn’t bother… And also one can close or hand shift over in one second. Cons: none.

And also everyone who stops accepting cash from now on is a copycat 🙂

Every day we make your coffee!

Our dear friends! We glad to serve our coffee for you every day, without exception! We do not have weekends or other “rest-days”. We know, that you want to drink coffee every day, each day. That is our point.
See you today whenever it is 🙂

setup.coffee on the Vienna Coffee Festival

Hi folks! We are take a part of Vienna Coffee Festival on 11-13. of January 2019 to present for dear guests fantastic coffee setup by setup.coffee (SashaCoffee / Fenster Cafe): Slim Jim by Kees van der Westen Espressonistic Works B.V., Übermilk, Hipster Brewer by 3TEMPand F10/E8/K3 by Compak Coffee Grinders. And of course we are using best coffee ever from SashaCoffee. Come to try your coffee with this unbelievable stuff!