8:00-18 Mo-So | 365 Tage pro Jahr
Magazingasse 7, 4020 Linz (Google Maps) | +4367762960876

  • First guest served on the 3th of Dezember 2021
  • We serve only coffee
  • Only coffee
  • No food
  • Coffee. Only. Nur. Kaffee
  • You have to make your first sip without sugar. And without milk. Keep on like this
  • Only to-go
  • No cash, only cards
  • No cash
  • Cards only
  • Yes, we pay all taxes. All. Always
  • No WC for customers
  • No Wi-Fi
  • Biodegradable cups. And Lids. Even transparents. And spoons. Even certified
  • We roast our coffee beans
  • We sell only whole beans, buy finally coffee grinder for home
  • We use only fresh milk direct from farm
  • Fenster Cafe is the registered trademark
  • We have good lawyers
  • We have franchise programm
  • Yes, we are specialty, but only for you
  • We love to do coffee. That’s all we can
  • 3 groups Sanremo Racer
  • Mahlkönig EK43 with SSP burs
  • Hipster Brewer
  • Alpina Milkfoamers
  • We have Fenster Cafe in Vienna and Salzburg