Those of you who ever took a sip of our coffee can be proud – you’ve tasted the best coffee in the world. Probably it even was the best coffee in your life

Yes, pals, we are the best in the world, now officially, and we even have a paper. Okay, not a paper per se, a screenshot, but whatever…
The BIG 7 Travel tourist guide first included is into TOP50 shops in Europe. Then they included us as TOP7 in Vienna. Well, now they’ve given it a bit more thought and we are in the Top 50 Coffeeshops in the World. In the world, Carl, that’s not something you’d laugh at!
Won’t turn red and hide my face under the hat, but we are really proud of ourselves. We knew that there’s no coffee better than ours before, but now we got to shove that in people’s faces objectively and citing sources.
So we’re sitting now, thinking, what now? We’re already the best. Get a Michelin star? Why would we? They can put that somewhere under their lower back (there is one very important reason, I explain later). We don’t care about the stars though, only care that you’d enjoy every sip. And we continue enjoying your company.
So that’s that. Till next time, friends! See you in the best shop in the world. In Fenster.
P.S. go to hell, haters

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Only cards, no cash!

That’s right, friends. From this moment you can pay only with bank cards. We, the café Fenster, are the first in Vienna to stop selling coffee for cash.

Pros: barista always has clean hands (in every sense). And that’s important as fuck. Also the line moves much quicker, the environment is taken care of, the tax office is getting it’s time saved and the boss doesn’t bother… And also one can close or hand shift over in one second. Cons: none.

And also everyone who stops accepting cash from now on is a copycat 🙂

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Every day we make your coffee!

Our dear friends! We glad to serve our coffee for you every day, without exception! We do not have weekends or other „rest-days“. We know, that you want to drink coffee every day, each day. That is our point.
See you today whenever it is 🙂

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