It’s simple. In Vienna, and basically all around Europe, there are lots of roasteries. Both shitty and adequate.  Like, why did we decide to become hip and roast our morning jolt all by ourselves? The answer is primitive.

Early on, we’ve been buying our “regular” coffee from one roaster guy. And we always asked him to fix that, roast this, add crust, crank up the fat, yadda yadda yadda.  That’s why one day the guy just said  “Fuck you Sasha, want to roast weird – roast yourself”. So I’ve started roasting myself. Since august of year 2018. And we are still roasting. I really love my roaster, but java roasted by myself sells pretty well, so I continue developing the process.

The most important thing to know – is that from the start my goal was to make a coffee that truly is A COFFEE. Not sour, not bitter. Coffee-ish, but enjoyable. Average. Your simple daily espresso, of which you can drink 5 cups, and then another 5, and it won’t get boring. And it should allow for a fucking great cappucino. And cortado. For latte, well, it should have at least a scent of coffee. Just so you know, every time I try our milkies I just yell “shit, it really is drinkable!”. Also it just so happened that it comes out good in cezve, in moka, in a filter, basically even in a pot. And everyone likey. To those who don’t likey…

Anyway, that’s our coffee now.

Despite our motherland- Fenster Cafe, where you’ll get what you love done the way it’s done nowhere else in the world, we also have bros and sis who also can gently and softly roast your java. That’s a coffe corner of the #BestGymInTheWorld. I not only drop my java there, but also generally advise guys on stuff. Also at bicycle cafe nearby. These punks really soak all the nectar from our beans. So here and there, and in Fenster Cafe for sure you can drink up and also buy the beans.

As seen above, our morning jolt is not only for our beloved coffee addicts. It’s also for cafes, restaurants and joints, offices, hotels, even schools. Honest, while I was writing this text a teacher from a nearby school visited and took 5 kilos for teacher’s lounge. And we’ve made a deal for regular supply. Now they’re in it too. We deal B2B for real.

For those who need it – come over or write us, we’ll have a talk, negotiate things. We have only two points: tasty coffee, tasty price. To try is a can and a must.

And an important thing – yes we only roast regular coffee for now. It’s good, cool, tasty, beloved, but it’s regular. So then our motto there is also this. Coffee must be fucking great. Don’t give a shit on how you describe it after that, but the first thing you say should be: fucking great. Wait up. We do our best. Don’t hurry too much, but don’t sit on asses. Me, that is. That is fucking we. Me. Sasha. And also my team. You hear, Valya? We, basically.